and Government Services

Protection Services

Protection Service is responsible for the Office of the Fire Marshal, Emergency Measures Organization (EMO), and building technical standards/safety inspections. These services include review of building plans and inspection of facilities to ensure they comply with various fire safety and mechanical / electrical codes. Inspection Service are provided to the public and private sector.

The division is responsible for the implementation of the Fire Prevention Strategy. Training opportunities are provided to volunteers, who in turm provide emergency and firefighting services throughout Nunavut.

Emergency Management Organization
Responsible for emergency preparedness plans and provides assistance to Nunavut communities in creating their own plans.

Search and Rescue
Serves to enhance community-based search and rescue (SAR) capability and preparedness across Nunavut. The program provides SAR Training to Search and Rescue Organization (SARO), assistance with certain SARO Equipment, as well as communications systems.

Emergency Search and Rescue
Assists communities and qualified organizations through providing emergency search and rescue contribution funding.

Fire Marshal's Office
Provides inspections and enforcement of the applicable fire prevention requirements found in various acts and regulations.

Fire Prevention Strategy
Provides for implementation of the Nunavut Fire Protection Strategy.

Inspection Services
Provides the private and public sectors with electrical, elevator, and boiler services, including plan reviews, on-site inspections, electrical and boiler code consultations and the enforcement of the relevant regulations and acts.

Department Community and Government Services
Government of Nunavut
PO BOX 1000 STN 700
X0A 0H0
Fax: 867-979-4221

Emergency Measures 24 Hour TOLL FREE 1-800-693-1666
Emergency Services Response 24 Hours 1-867-979-6262
Emergency Measures Operations FAX 1-867-979-4221/979-3364

Director of Protection Services
Ed Zebedee
Tel: 867-975-5448

Project Management Assistant
Tel: 867-975-5325

Manager, Emergency Preparedness
Steven Baillie
Tel: 867-975-5403

Manager, Response & Recovery
Robert Bourassa
Tel: 867-975-5402

Emergency Preparedness Program Officer
Tel: 867-975-5319

Fire Marshal
Robert Prima
Tel: 867-975-5310

Deputy Fire Marshal
Tel: 867-645-8127
Fax: 867-645-8141

Assistant Fire Marshall
Nathaniel Watson
Tel: 867-897-3602

Fire Specialist Training Officer
Fred Morrison
Tel: 867-975-5369

Fire Marshall Trainee
Jerry Anilniliak
tel: 867-975-5319

Communications Officer
Benjaman Westwell
Tel: 867-975-5324

Regional Electrical/Electrical Inspector/Sr. Plans Review Officer
Tim Innualuk
Tel: 867-975-5324

Chief Boiler Inspector
Muhammad Wani
Tel: 978-975-5420

Manager, Safety Services
Richard Kelly
Tel: 867-975-5419

Divisional Records Officer, Safety Services
Jessie Nikki
Tel: 867-975-5423