and Government Services

Services to Nunavut Communities

The Community Support division provides training and development opportunities to municipal council members and staff, and monitors and evaluates municipal operations. Consumer Affairs deals with consumer issues and administers lottery programs. Community Planning and Lands provides technical and financial resources to communities for land use planning and Commissioner’s land. Regional offices deliver community support programs and services.

Capital Planning and Technical Services
The Capital Planning and Technical Services division is responsible to provide comprehensive government asset life cycle management including: planning and assisting clients and stakeholders with identifying their long-term capital requirements, developing suitable technical standards for infrastructure, design management services for government projects, as well as maintenance and management of the government inventory of owned and leased facilities.

Community Development
Develops and aids community development by fostering self-reliance, through initiatives that develop the capacity of communities to operate services.

Community Infrastructure
Community Infrastructure is primarily responsible for the successful implementation of Federal Infrastructure funding programs and the functioning of the Nunavut Community Advisory Committee (NCIAC).

Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs assists the Nunavut communities and members of the general public with concerns they encounter in the area of consumer services. The section gives advice and support to assist Municipalities and residence to avoid problem issues and also serves as a Government branch prepared to take complaints from this activity and address them in a manner that best represents the consumer.

Consumer Affairs also provides assistance specifically in the areas of real estate issues, lottery (bingos, raffles, casinos and poker) licensing issues and consumer protection. Consumer Affairs handle the licensing of Real Estate Agencies; Collection Agencies; Direct Sellers; Vendors; Second Hand Dealers & Pawnbrokers; businesses where the municipalities are not delegated to issue licenses as well as to Nunavut wide businesses; lottery licenses where the municipalities are not delegated to issue licenses as well as Nunavut wide lotteries.

Nunavut Emergency Management
Nunavut Emergency Management is responsible for developing the territorial emergency response plans, coordinating GN emergency operations at the territorial and regional levels, and supporting community emergency response operations.