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Property and Asset Management

The Property and Asset Management Office provides comprehensive improved real property management services to ensure the cost-effective investment and efficient management of the GN leased and owned office accommodation inventory in support of the program delivery needs of GN Departments, Boards and Agencies. It manages the development, implementation and administration of improved real property management policies, standards, systems and procedures, office accommodation strategies and plans, budgeting, real estate investment analysis, life cycle costs/benefits analysis, market rent studies, property valuations, leased office space acquisition and administration, revenue lease administration and the disposal of surplus property.

The Property and Asset Management also provides comprehensive asset management services by developing, implementing and administering processes to maintain an inventory of Capital Assets owned by the Government of Nunavut and the probable condition using an industry standard methodology for assets of particular type, age and observed condition.

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Manager, Property and Asset Management
Community and Government Services
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Phone 867-975-7100 Facsimile 867-975-7154