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Saving Energy, Water, Money and Our Environment

Every year, the Government of Nunavut’s 518 buildings consume more than $14 million in water, electricity and fuel oil. Due to our reliance on imported oil to heat our buildings and generate our electricity, we know that this figure will continue to rise substantially, despite the government subsidy. The economic impact of our energy consumption is not the only issue that we must consider. Our consumption of energy also impacts our environment, leading to the generation of an estimated 15,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases every year, which contribute to climate change. This is a serious environmental problem, which will impact us more than any other region of Canada. We know this is unsustainable, counter productive and must change. To this end, we have launched the unique, resource-savings Nunavut Energy Management Program.

Nunavut Energy Management Program

Modeled on the Government of Canada’s Federal Buildings Initiative, the self-funded NEMP assists the GN in entering into contracts with qualified energy management firms, who conduct feasibility studies in each of our buildings and then develop, finance and implement retrofit strategies. Energy savings are used to repay their investments. The scope of work under this program includes such measures as energy-efficient lighting, building automation systems, air sealing, insulation, new boilers, operator training and employee education. The savings are monitored and tracked in each facility by building staff. More information can be found by following the link under the Nunavut Energy Management Program.