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Warehouse and Material Management Services

CGS is responsible for the provision of Warehouse and Material Management Services, specifically the management and disposal of controllable assets (non-fixed Capital Assets) and the management of revolving stock.

Revolving Stock

The CGS Revolving Stock stores are a function of CGS Asset Management Division’s Warehouse Services in Iqaluit. CGS Revolving Stock stores is authorized under FAM 704 and FAM 910 to administer, monitor and stock all generic or common stock items that pertain to general usage by GN Departments, boards, schools and agencies. This includes both hardcopy and electronic forms. Stocked items generally consist of government accountable forms (financial and non-financial), warrant books, envelopes, paper, computing equipment and specialty promotional items that all GN Departments, boards, agencies and schools require in their day to day operations.

Surplus of Non-Fixed Assets

All GN Departments, Agencies, Schools and Nunavut Arctic College regularly acquire and manage materiel (non-fixed tangible assets) to support their operational requirements to deliver programs. Tangible capital assets encompass a broad range of items from furniture to computers to vehicles and equipment. At the end of their life cycles, all non-fixed assets must be declared surplus and disposed in accordance with the Financial Administration Act (FAA), Financial Administration Manual (FAM) and the GN Surplus Policy.

As per FAM 704-3 Section 3.4 “All property that has been declared surplus must be transferred to the Department of Community and Government Services (CGS) for disposal. CGS, in consultation with the Department who declared the property surplus, may decide, for reasons of economy, that alternate disposal procedures are more appropriate“.

The GN Surplus Policy and FAM 704-3 Directive does not apply to the crown corporations Nunavut Power Corporation & Nunavut Housing Corporation.

Material Receiving

CGS provides limited receiving services for the Government of Nunavut. Details with respect to this service are available upon request.

For more information you may contact (GN employees can also access http://intranet/phase1/cgs/assetman/):

Material Management Coordinator
Community and Government Services
P.O. Box 1000, Station 630
Iqaluit, Nunavut X0A 0H0
Phone 867-975-7100 Facsimile 867-975-7154